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And sometimes even my own tweets aren't on my own timeline, like the one this message is replying to.

I think something is wrong with my instance. I don't see toots from everyone I follow all the time on my timeline. Sometimes the tweets are just on the federated timeline >.<

1am. I get up at 6:30am. I'm boned for sleep, I think,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,b''''''''''''''''''''''''

Very messy, very much so but I changed my desk up, I think it'll work well :)

I started something last night with changing my desktop. Because of that, I'm rearranging my desk and some of the items in my living room. It's only temporary but it feels cathartic in the way. Just a change.

I had no idea that when I said "Things need to change, I need to change. I cannot keep doing the same thing" that by Saturday night, I would have applied to an incubator to start a business, finally repair my desktop and rearrange my work space.

Small but big changes :)

Social Enterprise Incubator Show more

Social Enterprise Incubator Show more

Just got the beta of BlueMail for Mac. It is an Android/iOS app but with this beta, they are moving to the desktop.

So far, I am super impressed, really like the layout, it does remind me of the Android app :)

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Business Show more

What does Vital gluten, homemade hot sauce, tahini, nutritional yeast and spices taste so go... I was eating it even before cooking it.

Out of all the Apple announcements today, the things I liked the most was the heart features of the apple watch and the fact that they're coming out with a new version of OS X on the 24th.

What I don't like is that the new version of OS X will require me to hack it to run on my 2009 Macbook Pro.

I think I just got energized about doing a project.

I might actually try to create the first and only Full Impact Accounting software program.

Oh well, as soon as this article is done, I need to start working on those bloody manuals that I've been tasked with doing. fucking manuals

But after 4pm, I get to look at the entirely captivating ISO 26000 (it's not really captivating) >.<

11:32. I technically started work 32 minutes ago but I've been reading an article, while simultaneously checking other random stuff.

Also my server has been building a world map since August 29th, that's 2 weeks now. Still probably about 2 or 3 days at least before I have it all in the database. Then I need to do two to three weeks of updates >.<

It was too good to last, I just got a text message from tues/wed boss and I realized I'm "late" for work by 10 minutes.

Time to put a pin in full-cost accounting understanding and to start work.

Gah! Listening to EM20_rhythm_GZM and EM20_Jerry_GZM from the Shin Godzilla soundtrack makes me feel like I'm preparing to take on an Neon Genesis Evangelion Angel....

In a way I love it because that's more epic than reading about Full-Cost Accounting, which is what I'm actually doing >.<